$9 Per Lb

  • 100% Grass-Fed USDA  Black Angus
  • Vacuum Sealed
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Steroid Free
  • Hormone Free


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$9 Per Lb

Taken from our USDA, Black Angus Beef, Skirt Steak and Flank Steak are used to make this favorable cut of beef for your diner table.  Although the two cuts come from different parts of the cow, both skirt and flank steak soak up marinades well, cook quickly, and, when sliced thinly against the grain, taste tender and flavorful.

*Select the number of pieces you want, and the range of weight for each cut, before adding them to your cart. The final cost will be calculated after your order is placed and then you will receive an invoice from us that has been calculated with the exact per weight cost for you to ensure you aren’t overpaying for your meat.

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(1 lb) @ $9 Per Pound